MIMO and MISO Controller

Xcite Systems and MB Dynamics have teamed up to provide state of the art MIMO (Multiple Input and Multiple Output) testing control. The heart of the system is in the MB Millenium EAGLE controller which enables closed loop control of up to four (4) exciter heads. Applications include time history replication, random (PSD) vibration control and single-tone sine control.

The MB Millenium EAGLE vibration control system provides:

  • Inputs: AC- or DC- coupled voltage inputs or IEPE inputs (4mA)

  • Definition of independent alarm and abort limits

  • Definition of independent excitation profiles for each shaker

  • Cross-talk compensation between the individual shakers (MIMO control)

  • Use of metric and English units

  • Supports different sensor types for acquisition of acceleration, velocity, displacement, force, angle of rotation & torque

  • Online compensation of TARGET and ACTUAL excitation signal and monitoring of the achieved control accuracy

The exciter heads are connected to a single test article that can be running independent synchronized motion profiles.

Force – Displacement – Acceleration Control